Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd.

Since our Foundation in 2008, we have excelled in the preparation of every single defence examination. We are now a centre of organized and focused learning which is pioneering in all formats of defence, whether it’s Physical, Medical or Written

Our Founder Mr. Saurabh Singh laid the foundation of this Defence Coaching Institute in the heart of the city, Prayagraj.

Initially, he joined Indian Army as a Lieutenant but always had an urge of training and teaching various methodologies to aspirants who dreams of becoming officers in the Indian Armed Forces but do not know the right approach of preparing for it. Major Kalshi Classes is the product of his firm determination and undying love for the country.

 New heights of success were surmounted year after year and with the presence of experts on SSB Psychologists, Interviewing Officer, GTO officer & highly acclaimed faculty with a campus full of energizing aspirants, Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. now stand as the best Defence Coaching in India.

Every year, thousands of candidates are guided both psychologically and physically through rigorous training periods and comprehensive classroom sessions. We always try our best to keep the aspirant – confident, and knowledgeable. We believe that clearing any exam requires extreme passion and devotion. But this can’t be achieved if you don’t have proper resources or managements to handle. Our Research and Development team ensures that our teaching plan for all the courses (NDA, NA AFCAT, CDS, Air Force(X&Y), Navy(SSR&AA), CAPF, TA, ICG, MNS, Army-GD/Clerk/Technical/Nursing, SSB Interview, Swiss School) is kept minimal and effective for aspirants with the course being completed before time to ensure best possible result.

Numerous events and examination MKC - Lakshya, MKC - Gaurav, MKC - Talent Hunt Examination are yearly conducted for providing awareness to every Indian Citizen for the welfare of the society and the responsibilities of an Officer in the Defence.

It is fact now that today, every 21st Defence Officer had been a student of Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd.

How Can MKC Online Test Series actually Help?

This Online Test Series provides students an innovative test preparation framework on every subject for entrance exams

Chapter Wise Practice Tests

Student can give test on any chapter that he/she thinks is weak in. Our Online Test Series provides Online Test for every chapter chronologically which is important for the candidate to have a clear sense of method and approach for a subject or course.

Scheduled National Level Mock Test

The level of the difficulty of the questions will be exact as these Mock tests will be held Nationwide for million of students. Candidates needs to focus on these mock tests in all seriousness as they are giving these tests as an actual exam.

complete Mock Test

Every course in our OTS has Complete Mock Test for aspirants. This feature is helpful for candidates because it relieves them for the stress of paying every time for a test they quickly need to focus on.

Automatic Assessment Analysis (AAA)

After submitting a test, our portal intelligently generates scientific and analytical student's performance reports which includes positive/negative marks, percentage with all the mistakes/unattempt question left that must have been solved and their correct solutions respectively.

Graphical and Analytical Report

After getting registered, the student's profile will include his/her own history in all the tests that they took and what courses are they enrolled in for. The portal will automatically build a smart graph of each students with their subject which will represent their performance on each test with accurate statistics.

Responsive and User Friendly

All the questions will be original, and their difficulty will depend upon the level of courses that the students have applied for. Students can even ask our experts as to how to improve their performance on a specific subject via mail. They can seek advice from our experts by giving their performance analysis on any test that they have applied for.

Easy Enrolment

There is no hassle to select the course and to register as the options and website is made in a student-friendly language. Students can enrol themselves and can start giving the test in just a click.

Useful Time Management

Every aspirant knows that time is always a crucial key to qualify any entrance exam but only few of them excel at utilizing the importance of time. Online Test Series can be a very helpful way to comfort them with the proper usage of time. Practicing again and again will only help the students to be better in efficiency and dexterity.

Instant Result and Analysis

By giving Instant Result and Analysis after a test, our portal closely focuses on each student dealing with questions during a test and calculates the time that the student has taken to solve it. This feature helps the student to remind them the time they have taken to complete the question and shows the time they should have taken to complete it. It also provides short cut methods for numerous questions.

Watch Our Videos to Learn More About our Online Tests...

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